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Awaken - Love - Empower

Welcome and thank you for visiting my sacred art sanctuary!
This space has been created especially for you, and is filled with offerings of love, power, wisdom, beauty, and grace.  It contains images I have co-created with Spirit, inspirational ideas-poems-mysteries, and information about my upcoming workshops, events and ceremonies. All of this is designed to support your growth as a Divine Embodied Being. As part of my sacred mission I am here to assist humanity and this planet through the current evolutionary shift, and in the anchoring in of Unity Consciousness.
Check Out the Encaustic Painting Process for Shari’s “JOY” 
Check Out the Encaustic Painting Process for Shari’s “Rose Ray” 
I do this as a visionary artist, and as a shaman and therapist. The sacred art I create is inspired by and guided by Spirit. I work with my Divine Guidance, with the Elohim and Rays of Creation, with various Councils of Light, Archangelic presences, and Ascended Masters of Light. Each piece of art and archival print is infused with the highest vibration of Love for your benefit. These pieces exist to awaken the divinity within you, and the remembrance of who you are and why you are here. My newest Archangelic images serve to energetically protect, strengthen, heal and guide. All of this artwork is encoded and complies with Divine Will. So, the art can be used in meditation to illuminate, it can be placed on an altar to focus and amplify positive energy, it can assist you in communicating with your Divine Guidance, and no matter how it serves, it will add beauty and grace to your space and life.
All that I have just described about my art also applies to my work as a therapist and as an energy practitioner. It is a whole, whether I am creating images, offering ceremony, or acting as guide in my therapy office, it is a sacred weaving of soul, the unfolding of Spirit’s Embodied Song. I am here to help you wake up, to claim, celebrate and sing, your sacred song of life.
My blessing to all of you: May these images, inspirations, and all that I offer, serve to assist you in your ascension process and in your awakening and empowerment during this exquisite time of divine evolution, transition, and transformation!
Love- Shari Landau
See Shari’s video portfolio below: