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Awaken - Love - Empower

Welcome and thank you for visiting my Sacred Art Sanctuary!
As a Lightworker my sacred mission is to assist humanity and this planet through the current evolutionary shift and to contribute to the anchoring in of Unity Consciousness. I do this as a visionary artist, shaman and therapist. The Sacred Art I create is inspired and guided by Spirit. I work with my Divine Guidance, the Elohim and Rays of Creation, various Councils of Light, Archangelic Presences, and Ascended Masters of Light.
All of my Orgone EMF Energy Balancers, resin Power Objects, paintings and archival prints, are infused with the Highest Vibration of Love for your benefit. These pieces exist to awaken the Divinity within you and to activate the remembrance of who you are and why you are here.
My newest creations are the Orgone EMF Energy Balancers, designed to increase personal Power, Purification and Protection. They transmute negative energy and amplify positive life enhancing energy in your body and spaces. All of my pieces are consciously crafted to benefit you on many levels. In addition to functioning as healing and empowerment tools, the Sacred Art can illuminate and enhance meditation practice, it can strengthen your ability to manifest positive intentions, it can concentrate the power and energy of sacred altars, and it can Beautify your space and life!
When I AM creating in my art studio, offering ceremony, or guiding in my therapy office, a beautiful alchemical weaving of Soul occurs. I Am so grateful to be a part of the activation of Spirit’s Embodied Song here on Earth. May this Sacred Art infuse Joy Grace and Freedom in your life. May it awaken you to claim, celebrate, and sing your Sacred Song!
Shari Landau

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