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In a world that values convenience and mass production, it’s refreshing to find a space on the internet that is slower paced and sacred. Consider my corner of the web a dwelling place where you can go to get away from the stress of everyday life. My Sacred Art Sanctuary offers high vibrational energy and inspiration for all visitors! As a visionary artist, shaman, and therapist, I’ve created this environment in order to amplify positivity, to welcome creativity and conversation.

My name is Shari Landau and the Sacred Art that I co-create with Spirit encompasses
who I am as a person, artist, and professional. It is my mission as a creative being to help you navigate the evolutionary shift taking place at the personal level (inside yourself), and at the communal and global level. My artwork and archival prints are sourced from Love and my Divine Guidance, and are used as tools for personal/spiritual growth.



It is my hope that they will inspire you to live the best life possible, full of positivity, celebration, awakening, and empowerment. My art is meant to awaken the Divinity in you as well as give you the courage to discover and embrace your own life’s purpose. When you use my art while meditating, it can illuminate mindfulness, clarity and wisdom. If you place it on your altar, it helps direct and radiate positive energy in through and around you and your space.

Choosing a piece of artwork for yourself, a loved one or your home, is an intimate and deeply emotional process. In getting to know me and the type of art I create, my intention is that you connect with my paintings physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am passionately devoted to sharing my gifts and experience with the world in a personal, powerful and expressive way.

May the paintings, archival prints, crystal jewelry and power objects that I create resonate in your heart and supercharge your life! May they serve as declarations to the Divine that you’re ready for bigger, bolder, and more beautiful living!

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