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Shari Landau is an art psychotherapist, shaman and visionary artist. Her therapy work combines traditional therapy and alternative modalities to meet the needs of individuals, couples, and families. She has worked extensively with trauma, empowerment, eating disorders, and spiritual growth. Shari works in person as well as remotely with clients all over the world.  
Shari attended Rhode Island School of Design and then earned a BA in painting and ceramics from Bennington College in 1986. Spiritual seeking began early on for Shari, leading her to delve deeply into philosophy, psychology, religion, and mysticism. Combining her passion for art, psychology and Service, she earned an MA in 1989 in Art Psychotherapy from New York University. 
In addition to her traditional training, Shari has studied with many amazing teachers learning alternative healing practices. Her study with Sadhguru, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Trish Baitinger, Dr. Alberto Villoldo and others, allows her to incorporate yoga, inner child work, dreamwork and energy work into her practice. She studied with the Quechuan Shaman in the mountains and jungles of Peru, and became a full mesa carrier in this tradition. Shari also explored and integrated the ecstatic healing tradition of the Bushmen (who practice a form of vibrational medicine) into her work.
Over the past 15 years Shari has led and co-led numerous workshops, ceremonies and celebrations. Together with her husband Dr. Cohen and their community, they built numerous consecrated spaces including a labyrinth, water sanctuary, and crystal meditation spaces. All of these offerings are in addition to the time Shari spends co-creating with Spirit in her art studio
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One thought on “About Shari Landau

  1. Shari,

    Beautiful website that reflects the luminous woman you are. We adore our print of your artwork in our home, and we have been blessed to attend multiple enlightening workshops in your temple. Please continue this life-changing work. It is a gift to the world. So are you, Jonathan, and Grant.

    Much love,


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