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Shari has loved making images since the time she could hold a crayon and always dreamed of being a visual artist. She attended Rhode Island School of Design and then earned a BA degree from Bennington College , where she majored in painting and ceramics. Even as an art student she yearned to understand herself, and to unlock the meaning/mysteries of life. This spiritual seeking began early on, leading her to delve deeply into philosophy, religion, and psychology. After painting in NYC for a few years she wished to combine her passion for art,  psychology, and service, so she went on to get an MA in Art Psychotherapy from New York University.
shari heartOver the next 20 years Shari put her brushes and easel away for the most part, in order to devote her energy to motherhood and her practice as an art psychotherapist and shaman. She has worked with women, men, children, adolescents, couples and families, choosing to specialize in trauma, eating disorders, and spiritual growth. In an attempt to deepen the healing process for her clients and to further her own growth, Shari continuously explored new mythic and embodied healing practices, like kundalini yoga, inner child work, and dreamwork. About 8 years ago she was led to become a student of Alberto Villoldo, where she studied with the Quechuan shaman in the mountains and jungles of Peru, and became a full mesa carrier in this tradition. Over the last 5 years Shari has explored the healing tradition of the Bushmen, who practice a form of vibrational ‘medicine’. The Bushmen’s way is a powerful ecstatic and playful engagement of life, where living unfolds in what they call “first creation”. Here life is held in unity and we live in the present, in and as Love (as opposed to living in fear, ego-mind, and separation).  All of these combined teachings and more, have assisted Shari in her own evolution and shifts in consciousness. Her constant yearning to ‘taste God’, to feel an intimate union and connection to Source- in heart and body (not only mind), to recognize her own divinity and the sacredness of all life, has been deeply satisfied and experienced, and continues to grow each day.
Art and life cannot be separated and nothing is ever done in isolation. So for the last eight years Shari channeled her creative energy into leading and co-leading numerous workshops, and offering ceremonies and celebrations combining her energies as teacher, shaman, artist, therapist, and lover of Spirit! Over the last five years she birthed (with her beloved husband and community)  a ‘Temple’ (physical sanctuary space) , a labyrinth, and a water sanctuary, all assisting in the amplification of Unity Consciousness. Since life really is a beautiful tapestry, it is not surprising that five years ago Source guided Shari back into the art studio! Here she has been instructed to directly use her gifts as a visual artist to inspire, awaken, and empower people on their sacred journeys. The result of these intense, wild, and beautiful dances, these whisperings and wrestlings and luminous encounters with Spirit, that Shari has experienced in her studio and in life, are offered to you with gratitude, joy, and Love.

One thought on “About Shari Landau

  1. Shari,

    Beautiful website that reflects the luminous woman you are. We adore our print of your artwork in our home, and we have been blessed to attend multiple enlightening workshops in your temple. Please continue this life-changing work. It is a gift to the world. So are you, Jonathan, and Grant.

    Much love,


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