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My newest offerings! This art form birthed recently when I was guided to paint Archangel Michael and His Sword of Truth with His Twin Flame Archaea Michaela (Lady Faith) and Her Chalice of Light. At the same time I was guided to create a power object infused with Archangelic energy using encaustic paint. During this time of accelerated transition the Archangels are offering even greater assistance to humanity. 
In the past, many people have tried to commission me to create personal artwork for them (not prints from my original pieces), personal power objects of sorts. I have never done so because each sacred art piece I have created has taken a great deal of time (my last painting, “Unity Consciousness”, birthed after a year of work). However, Spirit works in wonderful ways, and I was led to encaustic painting ( ancient hot beeswax painting; encaustic literally means to “burn in”). This new medium allows me to combine my love of beeswax, oils paints, gemstones, found objects, collage, my own photography, gold leaf, and more! This wonderful process now enables me to do commissioned pieces. My first encaustic piece (gifted to my husband) is shown here. It channels the energy of Archangel Jophiel and an Ascended Master known as Lord Lanto. Each new commissioned piece will carry the energy of different Archangels, possibly other Beings of Light, colored beeswax, and various other “ingredients” depending on what serves the highest good of the individual.


Holy Grail I AM

Holy Grail Copyright.jpg

This encaustic painting embodies Archangel Michael and His Twin Flame Archaea Michaela (Lady Faith). The central focus is the union of Michael’s Sword of Truth and Michaela’s Chalice of Light, which creates the Holy Grail I AM. The Grail is the result of Sacred Union, the unity and perfect synthesis of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, solar/lunar, dynamic flow/stillness, giving/receiving energies. When two become One, when our humanity reunites with our divinity, our ancient quest is fulfilled, and we BECOME the Holy Grail I AM! 

In the painting, the Sword is nested/rooted deep within the womb of the Chalice. At the exact middle of the image (the lip of the Chalice), creation explodes, ascending and descending energies mix and worlds are birthed. At the center of this is the Diamond Heart of Creation (where the bee and butterfly reside, heart of nectar and transformation), which is a sacred place or seat of great power. It is from this Center that “heaven on earth” is anchored in, and separation mentality is no longer possible. We are invited to focus on the midline, feel above and below, and see how the top and bottom mirror each other, the Earth sphere below reflects the Cosmic sphere above, and the same holds true for the Sword and Chalice, and all other elements of this piece. 

Archangel Michael and Archaea Michaela have infused this art with their powerful energies of Divine Protection, Divine Truth, Divine Will, and Divine Faith. Their signature colors are sapphire, cobalt, and blue diamond Light. Their wings of Luminous Love and Light fan out above and below to embrace, shield, and comfort us. In addition to this Archangelic pair we are being assisted by the following Beloved Twin Flames: Sanat Kumara/Lady Venus, Isis/Osiris, Yeshua/ Magdalene, Lord Sananda/Lady Nada, and Mother Mary/Archangel Rafael. There are many Elohim who assisted and Rays of Creation woven into the work, the most prominent Rays include: Sapphire, Cobalt Blue, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond (Blue, White and Black), White, Pearl, Teal, Ruby, Emerald, Crystal, and Rose Rays. The Unfed Flame (pink, blue, yellow) is also present. The physical materials in this piece radiate and amplify the qualities these great Beings of Light and Rays offer us. Some of these materials include: gold leaf, silver/gold/copper  pieces and paint, diamonds, fresh water pearls, cultured pearls, mother of pearl, ruby, topaz, aquamarine, turquoise, citrine, tigers eye, blue and clear quartz crystals, onyx, Morphos butterfly wings, orange butterfly wing, blue Robin’s eggshell, peacock feathers, sunflower petals, antique crystal doorknobs and copper medallions, feathers, and beeswax.

Many beautiful and mysterious things unfolded during the creation of this painting. It is a doorway, a portal, where sacred geometries and sacred numerical patterns abound. For instance, the number 8 reappears throughout (vibrating Infinity), an insistent and recurring “V” shape anchors in Victory of the Divine Plan. Sacred Fire letters exist beneath the double terminated quartz crystal in the Sword, inviting us to listen with our hearts to Spirit’s Sacred Song! This work is designed to activate, align, and integrate our mind body and spirit, to 5th Dimensional and beyond reality. It awakens in us the Original Divine Blueprint of Perfection, so we can embody the Holy Grail I Am! 

Archangel Jophiel and Lord Lanto

Archangel Jophiel works on the second Ray of Creation. His/her name means “Beauty of God” or “ My Rock is God”. Her/His color is deep pink/rose and She/He is the archangel who brings beauty order and balance to everything in life. Call on Archangel Jophiel to shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts, to see, love, and honor the beauty of your own being. Archangel Jophiel serves on the Ray of Illumination and therefore assists in bringing Wisdom Truth and Clarity into your life. Enfolded in Jophiel’s wings is the adult Jonathan and his inner child. The joyful curious playful child is reaching up and touches the infinity symbol. Sealed within deep layers of wax is an image of the four gates: the eagle, the man, the bull and the lion, a reminder of your service on the Ruby Ray. Lord Lanto and the lineage of the Golden Robe is present here as well. He carries a Golden staff guiding the Way and offers you the Sword of Truth and Illumination. To the left of the sword is a lion (symbol of kingship and courage) whose shield is emblazoned with the fleur de lis (symbol of the holy family and the three fold flame). Embedded under Lord Lanto are the fire letters of Jophiel’s sacred name. There are three pearls, one at Jophiel’s throat, one at adult Jonathan’s throat in the infinity symbol and one in Jophiel’s line of vision in the cosmic realm. These are pearls of wisdom, accessing three levels of truth/wisdom (earthly,angelic, cosmic). There is 24 karat gold holding the frequency of the Gold Ray and rose petals from ceremony in the Temple holding the Rose Ray. There are diamonds and an amethyst holding the Diamond Ray of Light and the Violet Ray of Transmutation.

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