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I Love the Divine Mother and the Sisterhood of Light!
Yet, even with my fierce devotion to Her, I have found that in this lifetime because of humanity’s momentous shift in consciousness, and because I live in a female body, I have had to clear numerous shadows I have carried related to the feminine. As a human being and especially as a woman, I have had to find new ways of understanding, embracing and expressing power, love, and wisdom. The Goddess Isis has helped me tremendously, She is an extraordinary Being that I revere. Along with Isis, I have been gifted guidance by Her Sisters Quan Yin, Kali Ma, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and many others. Collectively, they use their shining, clear, reflective voices to teach me about the Divine Feminine.
It is imperative that all of us clear the internal and external distortions and imbalances of the patriarchy (the stage of human consciousness on this planet that we are leaving behind, that is based upon fear and domination). We need to clear this from our psyches, our physical bodies, our relationships to all, including our beloved planet. We can then reclaim and honor the Queen of Light, in all of Her manifestations including the great feminine sovereign consciousness that is our beloved Pachamama (Mother Earth). We find our way Home as embodied divinity through the Mother. This artwork helps us remember that She is the weaver of life’s matrix, that She IS the very fabric/web of creation, and as Her holy children we are loved and love Her in return.

Rose Ray


This encaustic (beeswax) painting embodies the Rose Ray, which is one of the Sacred Rays of Creation. Each Creationary Ray focuses on and reflects a certain aspect of Source (although each carries the other Rays within them). This Ray communicates and radiates the Divine Mother’s Sacred Heart! The Chohan or overseer of this Ray is Ascended Master Lady Nada, also known as the Goddess of Love. In one of Her incarnations on Earth she was known as Mary Magdalene. 

While co-creating this painting I dwelled in the Divine Mother’s Sacred Heart, swimming in the ocean of Her abounding, infinite, unconditional Love. I found myself working with the Sisterhood of the Sacred Rose in the Temple of the Sacred Rose, a luscious, fragrant, extremely Feminine sanctuary. 

I was guided to work with two panels that join in the middle. The right panel focuses on Mary Magdalene and Her role/expression, while the left concentrates on Lady Nada and Her role/expression. They are each responsible for powerful key aspects of the Rose Ray. Individually and together they help us access, integrate, and anchor in the Mother’s Sacred Heart at this time. When the panels are joined (by the white porcelain knob) a wholeness occurs, which synthesizes the many layers and energies of this Divine Ray. While the painting was unfolding, it was really exciting to feel various aspects of the Sisterhood of Light joining forces and unifying in order to ensure the full expression of this Ray! 

The colors and frequencies of Light required for this painting also reflect its richness and complexity. To create the central Rose color and energetic vibration I had to combine and harmonize the Violet Flame, the Ruby Ray, the Sapphire Ray, the White Flame of Purification, and the Pink Flame of Love. Other Rays which are serving more subtly include: the first seven Rays of creation, the Gold, Platinum, Purple, Crystal, Opal and Pearl Rays. Other Beings of Light supporting Lady Nada and Mary Magdalene include: Mother Mary, Ascended Master Rose of Light, Shekinah, the Elohim and Archangels of the Rose Ray, Yeshua (Jesus, Magdalene’s twin flame) and Lord Sananda (Lady Nada’s twin flame). 

Many beautiful and interesting materials chose to be a part of this artwork in addition to the beeswax. There are rose petals, dried pomegranate skin and seeds, feathers, an antique metal purse, antique silver spoons, antique gold sweater clip with pearls, carnelian silver ring, gold bee, gold chain and gold leaf. There are a multitude of crystals and gems embedded in the wax (clear, pink, burnt orange quartz- amethyst, garnet, and pearls). There is a fuchsia crystal heart anchoring Lady Nada’s heart and a large lilac crystal heart bottom right on the Magdalene panel.

Like an earthly rose this painting has many velvety “petals”, layers of Beauty that take us into the rich and fragrant center of an Abode of Love. It is an invitation to us from the Divine Mother to come Home to Her Heart, to be bathed in comfort, joy, healing, restoration and peace, and to embody our own Sacred Hearts.  

Rose Ray Crystal Heart Necklaces 


These beautiful deep rose Swarovski crystal heart necklaces carry the Rose Ray frequencies of Light that have been infused by Shari’s Rose Ray painting. They wrap us up in the Divine Mother’s unconditional Love and Sacred Heart.
They come in two sizes (14mm and 18mm) and are strung on silver chain.

Honoring Isis (Altar with Frame)

This mixed media piece (painting/collage/resin) is an altar dedicated to Queen Mother Isis and the Sirian High Council of Light. It contains an image of Isis as Queen, the Three Graces, a portal into the Sacred Heart and one into the cosmos. In my connection to Isis I am always shown water, the sycamore tree, the Indigo Sapphire Ray and the wings of a soaring Eagle, hence their appearance here. She is a powerful Being of Light representing the Divine Mother, resurrection and creation energies.

Honoring Isis (No Frame)

The Isis altar can be purchased as a print with or without the arched frame. Shown here without the frame the top cosmic portion is omitted to allow for a focus on Isis as she oversees the earth plane.

Queen of Heaven and Earth

This Queen of Heaven and Earth is a cosmic Being who serves as a link or bridge. Like a bodhisattva, Her task is to hold and sustain the earth and humanity in Her Sacred Heart. Within Her heart is the threefold flame of Love Wisdom and Power (red/ yellow/blue). She holds a white lotus in Her right hand from which a river of compassion pours forth. She is Master of the elements and keeper of the masculine and feminine principles in perfect balance (these forces are on Her left and right side respectively). Her garments are luminous and the sacred rays of creation flow from Her crown. She is especially connected to the Sapphire Ray, the planet Sirius, and beloved Queen Mother Isis.

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