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Sacred Masculine Heart – Open and Strong

This bejeweled encaustic (colored beeswax) painting depicts the Sacred Masculine Heart open and strong, liberated and free! In the foreground there is a man whose bare feet are planted in the ocean of life, his arms and heart spread wide. His kingly stance portrays the Sacred Masculine fearlessly open, heart centered, and victorious. Shown from the back of his Sacred Heart, his wings are radiating Unconditional Love and Joy, transmitting it through the earth and sky. In the upper right corner is another man soaring in his moonlight, his strands of HeartLight weaving together and integrating the earthly and cosmic realms, uniting heaven and earth within his Heart and within humanity.

The Beings of Light who assisted in the creation of this painting and are energetically present in it are: The Fivine Father, the Sacred Brotherhood of Light, the Sacred Kings of Light, the Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, Freedom, Liberty and Victory Elohim, Ascended Masters Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, and El Morya. The Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine play vital supportive roles, as well as Luna (the Moon) and Oceana (feminine waters of Mother Earth). This Feminine Presence lovingly invites the Masculine to safely open his heart. She helps him remember that the open and vulnerable heart is the strong and vital heart. As the Sacred Masculine Heart opens (the Sacred Feminine Heart has already done so on the planet), we are able to anchor in the United One Sacred Heart! The energy of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine live within all humans. So, whatever body we live in and however we identify, we each have the task of opening and integrating both aspects within ourselves, which in turn births our United Sacred Hearts.

In the center of this image is a glass circle which encases a butterfly wing. Below this is a large piece of blue Kyanite, a stone which energetically acts like a bridge (integrating body-mind-spirit), enhancing telepathy, empathy, and a feeling of connection to Nature and the heart. the ocean floor (bottom of painting) contains pieces of a blue robin’s eggshell. There are dozens of sea shells, mother of pearl, peach coral (the wings in the foreground), cultured and fresh water pearls, sea glass, jade, and turquoise. There are multicolored crystals, gold and silver pieces and gold leaf, as well as a spiraling silver serpent moving the masculine kundalini energy in the upper left section. Springtime (resurrection) energy is embedded in the beeswax in the form of hyacinth and tulip petals.

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