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Here you will see art which is informed by my experiences as a shaman doing energy work and in ceremony. These images depict Spirit Guides or allude to journeys I have taken. We all have Divine Guidance and can cultivate these sacred relationships with care, integrity and sensitivity. I work with many Beings of Light who are guides, protectors, and teachers on this great spiritual adventure. I am grateful for their vision, dedication, and generosity with me, and with all of you through the art. These pieces reflect my great Love for Pachamama (Mother Earth), Earth wisdom, the Elementals of Light, and our sacred journey in physical form.

Spirit Guide

I call this great Being of Light, Grandfather, White Eagle. He is a seer and shape shifter who carries great medicine, and who embodies love, compassion, wisdom and power. He holds the sacred masculine energy and can be called upon for protection. As a Spirit Guide He may help in dreamtime or the waking state. When I call upon Him to assist I do so with great reverence and gratitude, for His heart is so big, His energy gentle yet strong, and His Love so fierce.

Into Separation

This mixed media piece depicts the downstepping of energy into form. It frames the shamanic awareness of an upper middle and lower world. In the upper realm we see Spirit’s breath blowing creation into existence and we see the cosmic Light pouring forth. In the middle realm we see the earthly roots and ropes, the cords that connect and bind us in the material world, the tree of life/death emerging from our bellies and the sensual explosion that occurs here as we explore the 3-D world of space and time. The underworld is a place of darkness and mystery, a place in which we sometimes get lost. Yet even here there is a luminous emerald window or portal. This is a gift to humanity from the Greenman/Pan who knows that often in our exploration of form we agree to forget who we are, we forget that we are Spirit beings having a human experience. This window is a passageway back into the awakened state.

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