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I have been exploring the reality of twin flames (the Original other half of your Being) and the alchemical marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for a long time. Embodying this wholeness is a big part of my mission, as well as assisting others in doing the same. We all have the sacred feminine and sacred masculine inside of us, regardless of how we define ourselves, our physical bodies, or our sexual preferences. Integrating and harmonizing the two into one, releasing separation mentality and the long standing dualistic war between male and female energies, and an end to domination and division, has to occur within each of us for peace and Love to prevail in ourselves and on this planet. I have persistently engaged the personal and the collective’s core longing for Union with the Beloved. Like a golden thread, I find myself following the passionate cry for wholeness down deep into the labyrinth of my own sacred heart, and the art offered here reflects some of the treasures I have discovered.

Sacred Union

Embedded in this oil painting are many layers of meaning. The holy Chalice of Love that is created between Beloveds, between Source and human, within the Self (one’s masculine energy and feminine energy), between twin flames, between heaven and earth/spirit and matter. The Breath of God “moving across the face of the deep” stirring the primordial waters and awakening creation. The Divine Mother and Divine Father gazing upon each other, the Breath of Spirit passing between them, and the creation of the Holy Child as two become One. The Presence of Infinity hidden within form.

Ingathering of the Twin Flames of Light

This mixed media piece (painting, collage, found objects) heralds in the Twin Flames of Light. In the four directions are four expressions of Love and the four elements: the south holds tender/romantic (water) energy, the west holds innocent/playful (earth) energy, the north holds sexual (fire) energy, the east holds angelic (air) energy. In the center is the Diamond Heart, the sacred eight petalled rose, the abode where All is One. Woven into the energetics of this piece are the Inner Twins who invite and guide back all Twins ready to serve Spirit in union from the Sacred Center.

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