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This category reflects the current unfolding of the Great Mystery in my life. The art here speaks of what is happening in and through me as many old dualities and polarities collapse, merge, and are integrated and synthesized. To hold all of life in Unity I find myself embracing paradox, becoming more concentrated in the Center, while simultaneously becoming more expansive. Now more than ever my art is an experiment, where I ask Spirit what happens when two become one, what is that numinous third thing that births from Unity? This is hard to put into words and form! The ever shifting territory I find myself in now is one of deep curiosity and play, where I am still awakening, exploring how to Be Love every step and breath, committed to serving Source in Truth and Beauty.


Joy FINAL Image Watermark.jpg

This bejeweled encaustic (colored beeswax) painting embodies and expresses the vibrations of boundless Joy and Bliss! It is bursting with playful, free, dynamic energy that swirls and interacts with itself and the viewer in an ecstatic dance. Rooted at the center of the image is our Sacred Fire, where we encounter the Sacred Peacock victoriously fanning its glorious plumage. This is intentionally placed, as Peacocks are great transmuters of poison. This golden Peacock helps us transform fear and toxins within our system, in order to liberate our innate sense of Joy. 

Underneath the Peacock (hidden in layers of wax) are images of a woman and a man, arms outstretched, hearts wide open, pouring forth their love as they receive the blessings of Joy. Upper left is a dragon, upper right (beneath layers of wax) is a whale, below right is a sea turtle and a jade hummingbird, below left are kissing jade fish. The Great Beings of Light who assisted most directly in the co-creation of this piece are Joy Elohim, Bliss Elohim and Freedom Elohim. 

In addition to pigmented beeswax and oil paint, sacred medicine and gems were utilized to create this painting. Included are gold pieces and gold leaf, opals, pearls, amber, garnet, jade, various clear and colored crystals. Other sacred elements include: abalone and other shells, peacock feathers, dried lemon and lime rinds, rose sunflower and coneflower petals, and ginkgo and magnolia leaves. 

May this painting connect you with your Sacred Fire, help free you from fear, and liberate the wellspring of Joy deep within you!

The Emergence of the Divine Child and Unity Consciousness

This multilayered oil painting announces, activates, and anchors in the reality that we are Spirit embodied, that we are birthing the Divine Human on the New Earth. At first glance this image may appear to be a mother and child, yet it really depicts the Sacred Triad or Holy Family. The foreground reveals the Sacred Feminine holding the Golden Child, while the energy of the Sacred Masculine is embedded in paint layers behind them, holding a position of support. The immutable eternal bond of the Holy Triad is restored, and their message to us is: the essence of creation is wholeness and Love.

Mother and child are shown naked in their original skin (versus original sin) because all fear has been transmuted. They are the reclamation of the beauty, purity, and power of the Divine Feminine and Divine Child. They emerge from, stand upon, and celebrate the dark waters of life, and simultaneously spin forth from the luminous fibers of the radiant full moon. In a place of reverence in the center is the Sacred Womb calling us Home. This configuration forms a column of Light, a key hole, a powerful portal, yet it is also the key which unlocks the illusion of duality and separation.

As a key, these figures exist in the awakened state and are the embodiment of devotion.     

The Child is held close to and seems to bloom from the Mother’s heart, and is fully recognized as the Beloved Creation. So, it knows and trusts on all levels (all the way into the flesh) that Love is Real. An unbroken circuit of Love is created as they gaze into each other’s eyes. The Child surrenders to the Sacred Mother (who is held by the Sacred Father) and is therefore able to fully receive this Supreme Love. When the Child receives this gift, its luminous body shines golden and bright, and it becomes a Holy Chalice. Now well nourished and overflowing with Love, the Child instinctively offers it back by placing its hand upon the heart of the Mother. In this gesture an amazing alchemy occurs, a new song is sung, as the Divine Blueprint for creation circulates and expands. 

The entire painting, what is hidden and what is revealed to the viewer, is woven with the Golden Ray to help liberate you. It is designed to hold yet go beyond all duality and paradox (light/dark, male/female, parent/child, strength/softness, form/formlessness, heaven/earth), thus reflecting the awareness “as above so below, as within so without”. This Sacred constellation is held within a vast unified cosmic energy field, which includes the Great Central Sun, Cosmic Guardians and Councils of Light, and Diamond Light Dolphins. May this art ignite the Love in the core of your Being and may you live in joy, freedom, and grace!

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